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Dictionary & Tools Professional 7
$35.00 USD

A Mega Dictionary with translations, idioms, synonyms, antonyms colloquial and regional tags, etc. The program also includes a Double Thesaurus, which mirrors all words related to your search word in both languages, a Double Conjugator, which likewise mirrors all conjugations of your search verb in both languages simultaneously, a Reverse Conjugator, which provides you with the root of your conjugated search word (verbs, plurals, augmentatives and diminutives), and a Phrase Scanner, which looks up all phrases that have your search word included. These are just a few of the staggering features in this state-of-the-art dictionary…Four unparalleled programs in one.

It Includes


Approximate number of Uninflected (direct) Dictionary Entries → 900,000

Approximate number of Synonyms in both languages → 3 Million
Approximate number of Antonyms in both languages → 200,000
Conjugates Verbs in all tenses, persons and number
Double Conjugator: Displays verb conjugations simultaneously in same window

Reverse Conjugator: Reverse-conjugates in all tenses, persons and number, plus inflections:

  • Plurals
  • Augmentatives New
  • Diminutives New
  • Various other colloquial inflections Future
Double Thesaurus: Displays Spanish and English Synonyms in same window
Collection of 250,000 idioms, slang, adverbial phrases and local words
Indicates if adjective goes with “ser” or with “estar”
Spanish Characters Table available from Toolbar under “View”
Pronounces both Source and Translated entries
User-Added Dictionary: add as many of your own words as you want to the dictionary
User-Added Dictionary Printing facility: print your own glossaries for reference
User-Added Dictionary: add entire glossaries with one click
collection of almost 20,000 first names in each language, with corresponding gender

Dictionary Add-Ons available to make your job much easier…and enjoyable! Purchase these separately or in an Add-Ons Pack to enhance your already amazing MegaDictionary!

New –Definitions for English words

New –Definitions for Spanish words

New –Usage Examples & Grammatical Notes

New –Quips, Quotes and Proverbs

New –Color Pictures – for most nouns, to assist you when selecting meanings

New –Voice Command capabilities that allow you to call out tasks without using mouse or keyboard. Great for avoiding those pesky computer-use syndromes!


System Requirements
  • Intel® Pentium® III or equivalent processor

  • Microsoft® Windows® 7 or better

  • 512MB of RAM (1GB recommended)

  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 7.0 or better

  • To run it under Mac OS X, we recommend using a program called Parallels. Also, you can install VirtualBox or VMWare Fusion and install a copy of Microsoft® Windows® within it.

  • For the Plugins for Microsoft® Office: Microsoft® Office 2003, Microsoft® Office 2007, Microsoft® Office 2010 or Microsoft® Office 2013

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